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Congratulations, you have just fallen upon Florida's number 1 Premier Painting Company. EZ Painting Services, LLC is a well known established painting and wallcovering contractor based out of Charlotte County Florida. Our work has been spotlighted in many advertisements, publications, and radio throughout the surrounding areas. We provide quality service to residential and commercial clients for custom repaints, new construction, renovations, touch ups and more.

At EZ Painting Services, LLC, we believe in providing only the highest-quality work available. While most projects usually take between 3 to 5 days to complete, we strive to minimize interruptions to your work or home life by working out a schedule that fits your needs. 

But wait before you go please see what all of Southwest Florida is saying about this premier painting company. Reading is believing.

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contact us at 941.662.8150 

"EXCELLENT! You will be very satisfied with the workmanship, professionalism, and timing of EZ Painting Services. I really appreciated Earl cleaning up at the end of each work day. He's courteous, conscientious, and well adept at professional painting".

 Weekend and evening work is also available.